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Fighting on the Battleground in Ohio

This is What Big Brother Looks Like

Tuesday, May 29, 2007
And the saddest part is that too many of you right-wingers support such goings-ons.

From the AP via The Columbus Dispatch:

Enforcers of Ohio's new smoking ban have heard about 200 complaints a day accusing businesses of allowing people to light up or leaving out ashtrays.

The complaints, which have been mostly against bars, have been coming into the Ohio Department of Health's toll-free hot line since May 3, when the ban started against smoking at most public indoor locations. In a little more than three weeks, the state has received 4,251 complaints, Health Department spokesman Bret Atkins said.

Most complaints were about businesses where smoking has continued, but some callers reported that "no smoking" signs were not displayed properly.


Once a complaint has been lodged, the department notifies county authorities, who send a written notice with the details of the allegation.

Businesses have 30 days to comply and risk fines ranging from $100 for a second violation to $2,500 for five or more infractions. No fines have been assessed yet because the enforcement is less than 30 days old.

"If they're basically snubbing their noses at us and continue to allow smoking, that's when the fines begin," said Terry Tuttle, the Summit County Health Department's director of environmental services.

It makes one wonder how many bedroom windows Terry Tuttle has been peaking through lately.

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Elizabeth Edwards is Easy to Dislike

Monday, April 09, 2007
Despite her cancer and the fluff coverage surrounding her, the true nature of this Tipper Gore-ish biddy turns my stomach. From the AP via The Charlotte Observer:
Elizabeth Edwards says she is scared of the "rabid, rabid Republican" who owns property across the street from her Orange County home -- and she doesn't want her kids going near the gun-toting neighbor.

Edwards, the wife of Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, particularly recalls the time neighbor Monty Johnson brought out a gun while chasing workers investigating a right of way near his property. The Edwards family has yet to meet Johnson in person.

"I wouldn't be nice to him, anyway," Edwards said in an interview. "I don't want my kids anywhere near some guy who, when he doesn't like somebody, the first thing he does is pull a gun out. It scares the business out of me."

Edwards views Johnson as a "rabid, rabid Republican" who refuses to clean up his "slummy" property just to spite her family, whose lavish 28,000-square-foot estate is nearby on 102 wooded acres.

Johnson, 55, acknowledges his Republican roots. But he takes offense to the suggestion he has purposefully left his property, including an old garage he leases for use as a car shop, in dilapidated condition.

Johnson said he has lived his entire life on the property, which he said his family purchased before the Great Depression. He said he's spent a lot of money to try and fix up the 42-acre tract.

"I have to budget. I have to live within my means," Johnson said. "I don't have millions of dollars to fix the place."

These comments remind of the time that then-first lady Hillary Clinton commented on how, while in the White House, she finally realized that the cleaning staff were people too and worked hard.

Edwards is a true liberal: she is a closed-minded, judgmental old hag. I pray that she recovers from her illness -- I would not wish cancer on my worst enemy -- but save me from the idea that this woman is virtuous: a tree is know by its fruit.

Well excuse us for living!


Coming to a Highway Near You?

Monday, March 12, 2007
From the AP (via The Washington Times):

An EU official called on Germany to impose speed limits on its autobahns to fight global warming, drawing angry responses yesterday in a country that cherishes what it calls "free driving for free citizens."

One of the two positive and lasting legacies of the late Republican Congress (the 2nd being welfare reform) was the reversal of DEMOCRAT law that required all 50 states (even the big, square ones where nobody lives) to lower their speed limits to 55, under the threat of losing the money that their citizens pay in taxes.

With "global warming" fanaticism running rampant among the American left, can we expect our loonies to attempt their tyranny here in the good ole USA?

Heaven forbid!

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Some may have thought my recent post on the Democrat Party "extreme:"
Kill terrorists? No.
Kill Communists? HELL NO!
Kill some wacko in Waco who no one ever heard of? YES!

If so, I'd invite you to ponder the following report from The Washington Times:

A House Democrat has arranged for a conference room in the Capitol building to be used tomorrow by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Muslim advocacy group criticized for its persistent refusal to disavow terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah.

The District-based group also is singled out by other Democratic lawmakers and some law-enforcement officials because of financial ties to terrorists.

Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr., New Jersey Democrat, reserved the basement conference room for CAIR's panel discussion Tuesday titled "Global Attitudes on Islam-West Relations: U.S. Policy Implications."

"We just see it as a simple room request," Pascrell spokesman Caley Gray said. "We did receive a room request and evaluated it and approved it."

He said the forum "opens up an important dialogue about global public opinion concerning the United States."

Still, the event's sponsor raised eyebrows on Capitol Hill, even if all sorts of groups routinely hold receptions and meetings in the Capitol.

"It does happen all the time but usually it is the United Way or some constituent group or Mothers Against Drunk Driving, not a group with supposed ties to terrorism -- in the Capitol no less," a Hill staffer said.

A little friendly advice: please reexamine what you deem "extreme."

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A Little Rebellion...

Monday, March 05, 2007
A little rebellion now and then...is a medicine necessary for the sound health of government.

Thomas Jefferson, Letter to James Madison, 1787
3rd president of US (1743 - 1826)

From The Cincinnati Enquirer:

When Ohio's ban on smoking in public places went into effect Dec. 7, Oakley pub R.P. McMurphy's complied.

For about four hours.

But as the minutes ticked by and it seemed the new law was lacking teeth, the ashtrays began rejoining the baskets of peanuts sitting on the bar. Someone covered up the new $5 no-smoking sticker on the front door. Just as quickly as smokers were ushered out the door, they were welcomed back inside.

And so Wednesday evening, when patrons Dave Lovekin and Lisa Sims lit up their Marlboro Lights in the middle of the Irish pub, no one said a word.

"We haven't had any major complaints," bartender Lisa Keller said, confirming that, for now, smoking at R.P. McMurphy's is allowed.

It's not the only bar in Greater Cincinnati where that's the case.

When asked Wednesday which establishments were still allowing customers to smoke, hundreds of Enquirer readers responded, coughing up businesses from Anderson Township to West Chester to Mount Lookout.

They named restaurants, bars and bowling alleys where smoke flows as freely as the beer on tap. They spoke of seeing cigarettes in the mouths of musicians and bouncers and hearing restaurant servers say the ban hasn't gone into effect yet "because there's no way to enforce it." They said fans were "smoking everywhere" at Paul Brown Stadium.

When laws become abusive and ridiculous, it is the duty of every American to stand up to tyranny. Unfortunately, too many of my fellow Americans have forgotten just what tyranny looks like.



Finally, a Little Backbone in Defense of Freedom

Wednesday, February 28, 2007
From The Columbus Dispatch:

A last-ditch fight against the state’s antismoking law became so heated yesterday that two proponents of the law left a hearing early for their own safety.

The State Highway Patrol advised the two American Cancer Society representatives to leave the Ohio Department of Health hearing because of threats from some in the crowd, said Wendy Simpkins, spokeswoman for the society.

With just weeks remaining before businesses face penalties for violating Ohio’s new statewide smoking ban, dozens of smokers and business owners fought yesterday to throw out all or part of the law.

The president of the Buckeye Liquor Permit Holders Association told the health department that depriving patrons of the right to smoke in bars ultimately would deprive bar owners of their property by forcing them out of business, which would usurp their property rights.

And a parade of other business owners and smokers said the ban tramples on basic freedoms. Three mentioned communism and socialism, and one invoked the name of Adolf Hitler.

Is the American Cancer Society not a tax-exempt organization? They have no business advocating any law and the report of the two Smoking Nazis retreating with their tails between their legs tickles me to no end.

If only Ohioans had the backbone to stand up to these thugs (or how about minding their own damn businesses?!)