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Results for Ohio's 2nd Congressional District

Tuesday, August 02, 2005
And we have a winner! Jean Schmidt has pulled out a squeaker. Scroll down for the play by play. The "final" results:


Schmidt: 59,095 votes (52%)
Hackett: 55,091 votes (48%)

2nd Congressional District

Clermont County:

Schmidt: 17,320 votes (58%)
Hackett: 12,439 votes (42%)

100% of precincts reporting

Hamilton County:

Schmidt: 25,011 votes (51%)
Hackett: 23,597 votes (49%)
100% of precincts reporting

Warren County:

Schmidt: 7,556 votes (58%)
Hackett: 5,420 votes (42%)
100% of precincts reporting

Brown County:

Schmidt: 3,100 votes (44%)
Hackett: 3,950 votes (56%)

100% of precincts reporting

Pike County:

Schmidt: 1,559 votes (37%)
Hackett: 2,659 votes (63%)

100% of precincts reporting

Adams County:

Schmidt: 1,911 votes (48%)
Hackett: 2,101 votes (52%)

100% of precincts reporting

Scioto County:

Schmidt: 2,638 votes (35%)
Hackett: 4,925 votes (65%)
100% of precincts reporting

Why waste time blogging when the results are not even close to being known? My point exactly. Better late than never I suppose!

As of 9pm, the Ohio News Network is reporting that Hackett maintains a razor-thin lead with rural districts not yet reporting. This tells me that that lead is probably not safe, but this may turn out to be a very interesting night.

CONGRESS DISTRICT 2 (to replace Rob Portman) (175 /753) - PRECINCTS

Paul Hackett (D) 13,512

Jean Schmidt (R) 12,802

UPDATE 9:12pm: So far, it looks like the best web coverage of the race is my former Ohio for Blackwell blogroll mate NixGuy. Also check out BizzyBlog and The Cincinnati Enquirer (as well as the ONN link above).

UPDATE 9:36pm: The working folks of the rural areas of the 2nd District and Mrs. Schmidt is starting to narrow the Hackett lead.

Schmidt: 35,215 votes (50%)
Hackett: 35,258 votes (50%)

UPDATE 9:40pm: Here we go; Republican Jean Schmidt is holding a 4 point lead over Democrat Paul Hackett.

CONGRESS DISTRICT 2 (to replace Rob Portman) (580 /753) - PRECINCTS

Paul Hackett (D) 42,342

Jean Schmidt (R) 45,134

UPDATE 9:52pm:
Clermont County has a 61-31 percentage lead to Schmidt.
Hamilton County has a 51-49 percentage lead to Schmidt.
Warren County has a 58-42 percentage lead to Schmidt.

It looks like Hackett has won Brown, Adams, Scioto and Pike counties, but turnout was so low it won't be enough. I would not call the race yet, but things are looking good for Schmidt.

UPDATE 10:10pm: A tie? Right Angle Blog notes that we are close to recount territory.

CONGRESS DISTRICT 2 (to replace Rob Portman) (662 /753) - PRECINCTS

Paul Hackett (D) 48,811

Jean Schmidt (R) 49,681

My math says that is a 870 lead. I told you earlier that this could be a closer race than it should have been. This is what you get when present a tax-raiser as a conservative Republican.

Clermont County has over 90 precincts left to count because of "humidity" causing troubles with the paper ballots. The Hackett campaign believes that Clermont is the only county left and they hold out little hope for help from that county. Clermont is Schmidt's home.

UPDATE 10:31pm: Thanks to NixGuy, the statute for recounts:

In 1984, the statute was amended again, and small-margin recounts became truly automatic. Thus, when the margin of victory in a statewide race is less than one-quarter of one percent, a state-funded recount occurs automatically, even without the request of the losing candidate. However, the losing candidate can still choose to affirmatively call off the recount process: language was added to R.C. 3515.03 to allow a losing candidate to submit a request in writing to have the automatic recount stopped before it begins. 1984 Ohio Legis. Serv. 5-79 (Baldwin). Furthermore, if the margin of victory is larger than 0.25% in a statewide race, the losing candidate can still apply for a recount, but again under this longstanding provision the state will only pay for the recount if it results in a large enough change in the results of the election.

I don't foresee any of that mess, but it sure is close.

Lefty blog Ohio's 2nd is down and NixGuy is back up after a short absence. I don't know the "progressive's" plans, but perhaps Dave should invest in his own server if he hits it big--he surely has the experience!

UPDATE 11:15pm: Congratulations Mrs. Schmidt, I hope that you take note of your close victory. Mr. Portman gave Ohio principled conservative leadership and won the respect (and votes!) of an overwhelming majority of constituents in your district. Don't EVER raise their taxes. Always defend the right to life of the defenseless. You by no measure have a mandate to vote for "temporary" tax increases.

Mr. Hackett, you lied so many times that you almost fooled a majority of voters. Don't ever forget that you lost. Shame!

UPDATE 11:25pm: I should have noted that Eric Pfeiffer over at National Review Online's The Buzz also provided excellent coverage of the race--and as a bonus, he linked to Right Angle Blog! I hope that you take some time to explore the wonderful Ohio blog. Definitely what The Face and the Voice wants to be when it grows up.

UPDATE 11:32pm: Dang! I know I should have known that Matt Hurley over at Weapons of Mass Discussion would be on the case as well!