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Are the Bloggers Lining Up Against Hackett?

Friday, October 21, 2005
Could be.

From the AP via The Cincinnati Enquirer:

Senate candidate and Iraq war veteran Paul Hackett earned a reputation this summer as an Internet campaign superhero able to mobilize thousands of supporters and raise millions of dollars in cyberspace.

With a close loss in a solidly Republican House district, Hackett was ready to represent Democrats against GOP Sen. Mike DeWine in what many are calling the bellwether race for Democrats in 2006.

But popular Democratic Rep. Sherrod Brown has since forced a primary, and Hackett no longer has sole command of a blogosphere that carried him from Marine patrols in Fallujah to the brink of a key U.S. House victory in a matter of months.

Among the online political diaries and discussion groups, about 80 bloggers are in the influential Advertising Liberally network. They provided the majority of Hackett's fund raising and inspired most of the national buzz during his House run. Hackett's campaign says blogs brought in more than $500,000 of the $856,738 he raised in his House race.

Some of the heaviest hitters in the world of liberal blogging, including DailyKos.com's Markos Moulitsas Zuniga and MyDD.com's Jerome Armstrong, have urged Hackett to step aside. In addition, Armstrong and SwingStateProject.com's Tim Tagaris are on Brown's campaign payroll.

The Democrat senate primary is going to be nasty in cyberspace as well.

PS: I'm on NODOBY'S payroll!