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Fighting on the Battleground in Ohio

Grassroots for Paul Hackett

Tuesday, December 13, 2005
OK, the grass grows in California and Montana, but that surely counts for something?

From The Plain Dealer:

The race for the U.S. Senate in Ohio has barely begun, but from his perch in San Francisco, Anthony Kusich is already captivated.

Kusich, a 24-year-old video editor, recently started a Web site for Californians who share his fondness for Paul Hackett, a Democratic political novice from suburban Cincinnati who hopes to unseat incumbent Republican Sen. Mike DeWine next fall.

Kusich understands that Hackett, an Iraq war veteran who drew national attention when he nearly won a congressional election last summer in a heavily Republican district, is hardly a shoo-in for the Democratic nomination. On the contrary, Hackett faces a primary against longtime Rep. Sherrod Brown of Avon -- a situation that is awkward, to put it mildly, for many Ohio Democrats.

Bob Brigham, a prominent liberal blogger who also is supporting Hackett, said a Hackett victory would signal to national Democrats that voters are hungry for candidates who reflect "an end to business as usual."

Brigham, who followed Hackett around southwest Ohio during the last week of Hackett's congressional campaign, said he repeatedly saw Republicans come up to Hackett with a two-part message. The first part, he said, was, "I don't agree with you." The second part was, "But I'm going to vote for you."

"They respected him as somebody who was going to tell it the way it is even if it ruffled feathers. He's not your typical cautious, poll-driven, finger-in-the wind politician," said Brigham, who lives in San Francisco. "That sense of conviction is something voters can smell."

Meanwhile, back in Ohio where all of the "grass roots" apparently work for the Brown campaign, Mr. Hackett doesn't have a chance. Sherrod Brown mentions Gov. Bob Taft more than he does his primary opponent; the left-wing national press does hit pieces on Hackett; and most of Ohio's liberal bloggers are endorsing Brown (or working for him!)

My favorite responses though come from a pair of the best right-of-center bloggers in the Buckeye state:

Matt Hurley @ Weapons of Mass Destruction:

I love it how the "prominent liberal blogger" says that an election of Hackett would send a signal to the national Democratic party about how Democrats want trash talking idiots running against Republicans. No mention of what message a rejection of Hackett has already sent to the national Democrats...

And Tom Blumer of BizzyBlog:

WoMD (Weapons of Mass Discussion) detected a high baloney content in the piece, which is quite true. It's too bad Ms. Auster went to all the trouble of interviewing so many "experts," when she could have gotten all the baloney she needed for the article, and higher-quality baloney at that, from one homegrown source. :->

I am NOT a fan of Paul Hackett, but I believe that he is getting a raw deal from Ohio Democrats. The Democrat Party is elitist and no where is that more evident than in the Buckeye state.

I ain't gonna worry too much about it though; I still haven't decided if I'm going to vote for William Pierce over Sen. Mike DeWine (I'm leaning in that direction!)